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Paycheck Protection Program Loans Went to More Big Businesses Than We Thought

Rebecca Joseph December 3, 2020 News article: “More than half of emergency small- business funds went to larger businesses, new data shows” from The Washington Post The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is a federal loan program meant to help small businesses continue to pay their employees for eight weeks during ...

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U.S. military could influence massive environmental changes with new federal administration

November 19, 2020. By Chloe Parkins As the United States public becomes more environmentally conscious, the federal government has fallen under increased scrutiny. Citizens now have access to data regarding federal greenhouse gas emissions and they are using it to push for greater regulations. What the breakdown of greenhouse gas ...

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Uber and Lyft Are Now Not Required to Classify Drivers as Employees

By: Noah Shulman Wednesday November 4th, 2020 To give a background on the issue, in California a recent proposition was on the ballot this election. The proposition proposed requiring Lyft and Uber to classify drivers as employees of the company. Currently, drivers who use Uber’s and Lyft’s platforms are ...

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