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Android Apps are now Stealing Your Data

  Android phone users beware- a new data breach was found in what was supposed to be an app that was completely harmless. BBC.com reported that Ai.type, an app that provided custom keyboards for phones and tablets, was found with 31 million Android users personal data. Kromtech Security Centre, a ...

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CVS Health to buy Aetna for around $69 billion

CVS health is buying Aetna for $69 billion in 2017’s biggest deal. Aetna is the 3rd largest insurer in the United States. The deal will make CVS, a company with a health insurer, a retail pharmacy, and will negotiate prescription drug prices with drug markers. This will completely change the medical ...

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Brooklyn Judge’s Ruling Raises Bar for Covert Cellphone Tracking

Most of us have cell phones, right? Who here would be comfortable with the police and government being able to track your location using your cell phone?   In Brooklyn, a judge just made a ruling that the police needs a warrant to track the location of suspects through their ...

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Bitcoin Price Surges in Zimbabwe following Military Takeover

(Zimbabwe) The security of cryptocurrency has long been enticing to Zimbabweans, who face hyperinflation leading to $1 being worth 35 quadrillion Zimbabwean dollars. The recent military takeover of the capital has made the situation worse.  Zimbabweans can currently only trade cryptocurrency on Golix, where the prices have risen 10% to ...

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