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Can Burberry Battle the Coronavirus?

27 January, 2020Ahmad E. Hamid $5.2 billion. Sounds like the revenue numbers of a successful company, no? As the Coronavirus spreads globally, we all have our fears and hope for the well-being of our friends and family. Burberry, an international fashion house, based in London, England has other concerns. Forbes ...

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Sephora’s Loyalty Program Knows What Customers Want

January 26th, 2020 Loyalty. I think we can all agree that’s a pretty good character trait to have. Loyalty is what we look for in our personal relationships in life; it’s a good quality to point to look at when deciding who’s going to be a good friend or partner. ...

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The End is Nigh (Again) – Coronavirus and the Chinese Economy

In 2019 we were plagued with hurricanes in the south, California forest fires in the west, the Amazon was burning, and earthquakes shook South America. Only one month of 2020 the effects climate change has turned much of Australia to ashes and now the Coronavirus has paralyzed Asia and now ...

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“Twitter Tells Facial Recognition Trailblazer to Stop Using Site’s Photos”

presented by: Pema Bear 1/27/20 Raise your hand if you, your friends or your family members have posted photos to either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter in the past year? Now raise your hand again if you read through the “user terms and conditions” page on the website? People post photo ...

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Looking into the Future with Virtual Reality

What ONE major technological innovation (s) do you see in the horizon that has significant consequences (positive and/or negative) for global society? I think once virtual reality headsets become cheaper and more commercially available they will have an enormous positive impact on global society. The potential opportunity for virtual reality ...

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Self-Driving Cars: A Time Saver

By: Joseph Bensen Self-driving cars have the potential to spectacularly revolutionize how people drive or more appropriately, operate a vehicle in the future. In the United States, 83 percent of Americans say they ‘drive frequently’ (GallUp) with an average of 17,600 minutes (12.2 days) driven per year (NewsRoom).  Moreover, globally, there are ...

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