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AR Smart Glass Maker MAD Gaze Snags $19 Million Investment

MAD Glass is a type of intelligent glass, which has all or even more functions than those of a smartphone. It can be run on Android mobile operating system. It adopts the Augmented Reality technology, making the information about the surrounding real world of the user more digital and interactive. ...

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VR Changes Firefighter Training

How much do you know about firefighter training? In an article published on January 29, 2020, by CNN, called “No smoke, no water, no waste. VR could train the next generation of firefighters” they discuss the up and coming practice of using virtual reality systems to train firefighters. This technology ...

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Tesla is Told to Halt Preparations of New “Gigafactory” in Germany

An Electric Carmaker is not who you would expect environmentalists to take action against but Tesla is feeling the heat after they began clearing forest for their 250-acre factory outside Berlin. The German Court has ordered them to temporarily halt preparations for their car factory amid accusations that the plant ...

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How Easy Are We Replaced?

How Easy Are We Replaced? Written by Kirsten Ostrom Could AI technology complete your job in a more accurate, cost-effective, and efficient manner? This just one of the questions that arise when discussing AI as a new approaching technological innovation. In three years, AI will terminate 1.8 million jobs, but ...

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The Future of Voice – Leon Tsai

Voice User Interface is going to be a huge tech revolution that is coming very soon and we can already see its implementation by major players such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Voice provides us so much more speed and convenience than typing, especially when it comes to commands. Whereas ...

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Is America ready for the future of technology?

A 2016 study conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) found that nine percent of jobs internationally are at high risk of being automated. An earlier study done in 2013 by Oxford economists Carl Frey and Michael Osborne estimated that 47 percent of today’s U.S. jobs are ...

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