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How Easy Are We Replaced?

How Easy Are We Replaced? Written by Kirsten Ostrom Could AI technology complete your job in a more accurate, cost-effective, and efficient manner? This just one of the questions that arise when discussing AI as a new approaching technological innovation. In three years, AI will terminate 1.8 million jobs, but ...

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The Future of Voice – Leon Tsai

Voice User Interface is going to be a huge tech revolution that is coming very soon and we can already see its implementation by major players such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Voice provides us so much more speed and convenience than typing, especially when it comes to commands. Whereas ...

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Is America ready for the future of technology?

A 2016 study conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) found that nine percent of jobs internationally are at high risk of being automated. An earlier study done in 2013 by Oxford economists Carl Frey and Michael Osborne estimated that 47 percent of today’s U.S. jobs are ...

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Look Mom, No Hands! : Self-Driving Trucks will Change the Future

Self-driving vehicles are one of the most significant technological innovations on our horizon that will have significant, positive effects for global society as a whole. Self-driving commercial trucks are not the first thing people think about when they thing of self-driving vehicles. Many people envision an ultra modern passenger vehicle ...

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Going Global: The Growing Approach

Globalization has impacted almost everything surrounding us, so it is simple to see how it features in my own life. From almost every electronic gadget I own to the fuel I use in my car, everything is either imported from another country or requires a spare part or intermediate good ...

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New Federal Consumer Safety Rule on Infant Sling Carriers

Infant sling carriers make carrying around infants and toddlers easier for a lot of parents. However, it has been found that due to defects in the products, these garments may not be as safe as they should be. Recently there have been 67 injuries and 17 deaths. The CPSC responded ...

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