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Apple’s iPhone May Not Be a Phone After all?

Xintong Tiandi, a Chinese leather company, won the legal battle in seeking approval to label their products as “iPhone”. As a result, Apple lost their trademark to the name “iPhone” in China. The Silicon Valley company’s struggle to receive ownership of their trademark overseas has presented an interesting debate over ...

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Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Support Renewable Energy Sources

Have you ever wondered how corporations like Apple, who create numerous technological innovations yearly, ensure that they contribute to help protect the environment? Although technology makes our lives more efficient, the goal of these technological advancements is usually not to protect or save our environment. However, businesses are still responsible ...

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Avoid Fake Online Booking and Travel Websites

Booking tickets for flights, trains, hotels, and bus trips has become easier with the revolution of online travel booking. Simply selecting your desired route opens the door to a number of cheap rates and travel options. Seem to good to be true? Connecticut Business Bureau warns us of becoming a victim ...

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